We offer a wide range of services in all aspects of Litigation. Litigation is a way of resolving disputes or claims to an individual, company or any other body.

Our Litigation specialists will assess your situation and provide you with the best possible outcome in order to resolves your dispute.

We aim to minimise any financial risk you may face so that you face no disruption in the way that you operate.

We aim to settle all disputes without it having to go to Court.

However, where Court action cannot be avoided, we would proceed with representing you in Court making sure that you are fully aware of your prospects of success within that dispute.

Neighbour Disputes -

This includes: Boundary disputes, dispute over party walls, dispute over foliage or gardens;

Wills & Inheritance Dispute

Our team our here to aid you through this process.

Landlord & Tenant Dispute

We are here to ensure your legal rights.

For further advice on dealing with any of the above disputes contact us on 01422 648666 or email: info@josephandkhansolicitors.com