Joseph & Khan Solicitors provide a first class service in resolving all boundary disputes.

Our specialist team offer good value and reliable results on a varied range of land issues and neighbour disputes.

We believe in an amicable and efficient approach to dispute resolution where court action is taken only as a last resort.

We can also aid you with the following legal matters:

* Professional negligence
* Trespass Rights of way
* Tree root problems
* Restrictive covenants
* Nuisance and harassment

Some of our services include:

  • Boundary Disputes

    We can help you settle all boundary disputes

  • Party Wall

    Aid with all party wall act matters

  • Maintenance

    Help with maintenance and care of property

How we can help you resolve disputes?

We will ensure that our advice and expertise will enable you to settle your case efficiently, effectively and without worry. As part of our excellent service you can expect


Site visits with surveyors, engineers and barristers


Links with experts nationwide

A team

Of highly experienced solicitors


On legal expenses and cost risks

To seek our help on your Land and Boundry dispute, pick up the phone and speak to us today on 01422 648666 or alternatively you can email