We are proud to say that Joseph & Khan Solicitors is one of the very few Law firms specialising in the Niche area of Shariah Mortgages in the North of UK.

What is a Shariah Mortgage?

Under Shariah Law, a muslim is forbidden to pay or receive interest, meaning that they were unable to take out a mortgage without acting against their faith. However, all of this changed when the UK Government introduced Shariah compliant mortgages resulting in many large banks offering this form of Islamic finance.

Islamic Finance is the name given to a group of products offered by Banks in the UK to allow Muslims (and Non-Muslims) to purchase (or remortgage) property using an instrument which is Shariah compliant.

Without doubt this a very specialist area which our team has extensive knowledge. By instructing us to deal with your Shariah compliant property transaction it means that you will have a experienced Solicitor at hand at all times. We can ensure that the transaction will be as quick and straightforward as possible. There are no hidden additional charges, meaning that you pay what is agreed at the start of the process.

There are a number of Banks in the UK that offer Islamic Finance Products. At Joseph & Khan Solicitors we have developed strong working relationships with the Islamic lending institutions and therefore you will always be in touch with the right people who will guide and advice you throughout your transaction.

If you would like further information on this area and would like to speak to one of us about this then contact us today on 01422 648666 or email info@josephandkhansolicitors.com